Rockstar Meraki Networking

The Cloud Network Professional training from WiFi Training & Ingram Micro is an all original course designed to ready engineers to design and deploy cloud managednetwork infrastructure focusing on the Cisco/Meraki product lines. The class takes a “Mentored Consulting” approach and designed to prepare engineers to handle greenfield and brownfield deployments of Cisco/Meraki products and services. We cover everything from initial setup, to integrating Meraki cloud technologies with other Enterprise products from Cisco mimicking many real-world Enterprise environments. In this class, students will learn to design and deploy Cisco/Meraki technologies to meet an SMB/Enterprise design requirement. Learn the fundamentals of WiFi Design to ensure coverage and capacity requirements are achieved even for higher density deployments. Students will learn to deploy enterprise security and AAA services securely via the Meraki Cloud portal, as well as integrate with Cisco premise based AAA services with Cisco Identity Services Engine. Students will learn to deploy secure enterprise branch office technology, with Meraki Firewalls, Meraki Switching, and Meraki Firewalls with advanced security features. This course is 50/50 lecture lab, and labs are designed to give each student the practice needed to handle enterprise day 2 deployments, and greenfield enterprise branch deployments.



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M0L0 - Meraki Essentials - Course Intro

M1L0 - RF Fundamentals

M1L1 - Electromagnetic Scale

M1L2 - RF Characteristics

M1L3 - RF Behaviours

M1L4 - RF Terminology

M1L5 - WiFi Transmission over RF

M1L6 - Antenna Characteristics

M2L0 - WiFi Essentials   

M2L1 - WiFi Architecture Basics   

M2L2 - Talking 80211   

M2L3 - Talking 80211 - Communicating in the cell   

M2L4 - Discovering WLAN devices - Wireless Stations   

M2L5 - Discovering WLAN Devices - WAPs   

M2L6 - Discovering WLAN Devices - WLCs   

M2L7 - Discovering WLAN Devices - Extending Coverage & Roaming    

M2L8 - Supporting Infrastructure and Services

M2L4 - Meraki Wireless Portfolio 

M2L5 - Meraki Cloud Management


M3L0 - Designing Meraki Wireless Networks  

M3L1 - Reviewing LifeCycle Services  

M3L2 - Regulatory Requirements  

M3L3 - Wireless Design Goals  

M3L4 - Exploring WiFi Design Tools  

M3L5 - Site Survey Types

M3L6 - Site Survey Software   

M3L7 - Conducting a Walk Through  

M3L8 - Conducting a Site Survey 

M4L0 - Meraki Security Essentials      

M4L1 - Network Security Fundamentals

M4L2 - Security and the Cloud   

M4L2 - WiFi Security Fundamentals   

M4L3 - Enterprise Security & AAA   

M4L4 - Protecting the Edge

M4L5 - Supporting Secure Guest and BYOD   

M5L0 - Meraki Troubleshooting Basics   

M5L1 - Troubleshooting Essentials   

M5L2 - WiFi Troubleshooting Tools   

M5L3 - Troubleshooting LAN Issues  

M5L4 - Troubleshooting WiFi Issues   

Lab 00 - Exploring the LAB

Lab 01 - Exploring the RF Spectrum

Lab 02 - Conducting Basic Frame Captures w Wireshark

Lab 04 - Exploring Site Survey Tools

Lab 06 - Conducting a Predictive Site Survey

Lab 08 - Exploring the Meraki Dashboard

Lab 09 - Configuring AAA in the Meraki Cloud

Lab 10 - Configure WLAN's with Enterprise Security

Lab 11 - Configure WLAN's for Guests

Lab 12 - Deploy Meraki Firewalls

Lab 13 - Customizing Firewall Policies and Rules

Lab 14 - Configuring Site to Site VPNs

Lab 15 - Configuring Remote Access VPN

Lab 16 - Troubleshooting using Meraki Tools



Plan and design Meraki Wireless Networks for SMB, Education, and Enterprise Branch offices.

• Use Wireless Survey Utilities to design for Meraki WiFi

• Manage Meraki Networks via the cloud portal and partner portal

• Identify best practice security protocols

• Identify Enterprise AAA Protocols and EAP

• Integrate Meraki cloud-based AAA Services

• Install, Configure, Troubleshoot, Meraki Access Switches

• Configure Meraki Security Appliances

• Implement Advanced Firewall and Security features

• Troubleshoot Wireless issues using a variety of tools and Meraki portal.

• Troubleshoot wireless client supplicants

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