Rockstar Network Foundations

Welcome to Rockstar Network Foundations, a new all-original video course designed to kickstart your career in computer networking. If you are new to IT, and or thinking about Network+ or CCNA Certification, start here. Rockstar Network Foundations covers a ton of fundamental network theory, like the OSI Model, TCP/IP, understanding network devices, network operating systems and configuring small to medium size networks, including using Cisco IOS. The theory and skills learned in this class will help your entire career. The numbers are in and this course includes almost 15hrs of HD Video, over 50 lessons, and 20 hand's on lab exercises you can complete at home delivered by a world-renowned CCIE Instructor. To purchase access to this course visit our new store at


Have you ever configured a switch or router from the ground up?

Along with teaching computer network fundamentals, the instructor spends a lot of time in the lab working through configurations from beginning to end and giving you challenge exercises you can complete on your own.

Are you a server Admin, Computer Technician, or Specialize in WiFi? 

This course is designed as the ultimate network fundamentals course. Although lab examples are predominately around Cisco IOS and Cisco equipment, the concepts and theories covered in this class are agnostic and applicable to any network hardware.  Additionally, this course makes a great refresher for a specialist who's job involves integrating with enterprise networks but whose primary responsibility may not give them much hand's on with routers/switches and other fundamental network components. Use this course to keep current, and practice those skills to stay at the top of your game. 

Looking to earn a certification? 

This course will lay the foundation, teaching you theory and skills that can help kick your certification journey in overdrive! The skills and knowledge learned in this course are requirements for several well-known industry certifications including CompTIA's Network+, Cisco Systems CCNA certification. 

To purchase access to this course visit our new store at


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M1   - Network Foundations       2:22:11

  • M1L1 - Computer Networking 101
  • M1L2 - Introduction to LANs
  • M1L3 - OSI Model and IP Stack
  • M1L4 - Host to Host Communications
  • M1L5 - Network Cabling and Media 

M2   - Switching & Layer 2       3:50:21

  • M2L1 - Switch Basics and Intiail Switch Setup  
  • M2L2 - Configuring a Switch
  • M2L3 - Preventing Loops in a LAN 23:37
  • M2L4 - 8021Q and VLANs
  • M2L5 - 8021Q and Native VLAN's
  • M2L6 - VTP
  • M2L7 - Port Security
  • M2Lab2 - Remote Device Management w Telnet
  • M2Lab3 - Remote Device Management w SSH
  • M2Lab4 - Configuring a Cisco Switch
  • M2Lab5 - Rapid PVST
  • M2Lab6 - VLANs and Trunking
  • M2Lab7 - Port Security

M3   - IP and Layer 3       2:11:11

  • M3L1 - Intro to IPv4
  • M3L2 - VLSM and Subnetting v2
  • M3L3 - Transport Layer TCP UDP
  • M3Lab1 - Ping-Traceroute Capture

M4   - Configuring Internet Connectivity      2:45:50

  • M4L1 - Introducing Routers
  • M4L2 - WAN Connectivity Options
  • M4L3 - An Introduction to Routing Protocols
  • M4L4 - Router on a Stick Configuration
  • M4L5 - ACL Fundamentals
  • M4Lab1 - WAN Connectivity basics HDLC PPP
  • M4Lab2 - Static Routing Basics
  • M4Lab3 - Router on a Stick
  • M4Lab4 - Access Control List

M5 - Network Services & Address Translation 1:49:54

  • M5L1 - Translating Addresses with NAT
  • M5L2 - Port Address Translation Overloading
  • M5L3 - Common Services DHCP DNS
  • M5L4 - Secure Management SSH, HTTPS, SCP
  • M5Lab1 - Static NAT to a Web Server
  • M5Lab2 - Dynamic NAT
  • M5Lab3 - PAT and Overloading
  • M5Lab4 - DHCP and DNS Challenge
  • M5Lab5 - Configuring IOS DHCP Services

M6   - Dynamic Routing and WAN Connectivity   1:32:45

  • M6L1 - Dynamic Routing Basics and RIP
  • M6L2 - OSPF Basics
  • M6L3 - Campus Redundancy FHR HSRP
  • M6Lab1 - Routing Protocols and RIP
  • M6Lab2 - Routing Protocols and RIP 2 no Auto
  • M6Lab3 - Single Area OSPF


It is recommended students have basic computer knowledge prior to attending this course. This is where your computer network journey begins. 


  • Network Foundations
  • Understand Layers of Communication
  • Understand the OSI Model and TCP/IP Stacks
  • Identify and configure key network services like DNS, and DHCP
  • Identify Switch Capabilities, and Perform basic configuration of Access Switches
  • Configure 802.1Q VLANs and Trunk Links
  • Identify IPv4 functions, and perform IPv4 Subnetting
  • Understand key functions of Cisco IOS Software
  • Identify Router roles and initial configuration requirements
  • Configure Static Routing
  • Identify LAN Redundancy Techniques
  • Configure Secure Remote Management of Network Devices
  • Enable Dynamic Routing for a small WAN using RIP and OSPF

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